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Expanding your stories' horizons

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We know that finishing a novel or a comic is hard work. Don't let it sit undiscovered. 

Earn money by making your stories available to new audiences.

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Do you have a novel or a comic you've published digitally? Let us help you find a new home for it! 


We work with several platforms that publish both novels and comics on a pay to read system system to unlock further chapters. 

With a non-exclusive collaboration (you retain all rights to your work, and you are free to continue publishing it wherever you want, both in print and online.) 

What we're searching for: the short answer is GOOD STORIES. Your novel or comic's success ultimately depends on its quality. We help with the promotion- something that we know can be a time consuming and burdening task for some authors. If they do well, they can even be translated into Chinese and other languages in the future! (With your approval, of course.) 

Fill out the form below with all the required information, and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days. If your stories qualify, we will arrange a meeting (on Zoom, Skype, Wechat or whichever platform is more convenient) to answer any questions you may have and discuss the collaboration terms. 


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Quest of the Messenger Trilogy,

by Hannah Ross

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