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Great Books, Great Minds




Since 2017, we've translated over 100 novels from Chinese to English, Spanish and other languages. Founded by two passionate readers of Chinese novels, our aim is to provide the best quality stories for readers all over the world. 

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We are actively seeking native English writers to publish with us. As a part of our collaboration with multiple international websites, we want to help creators promote and market their novels and comics to reach a wider audience through our platforms. You retain all the rights to your work with a non-exclusive collaboration, and we do the groundwork to make it available to even more readers around the world!




Online Courses in Writing and Editing!

We at Jianlai Global are proud to introduce two new online educational courses.  Created by our sister company eGlobal Creative Publishing, Inc., these courses aim to educate students on Online Literature Writing and Translation Editing.  More courses are coming soon! 

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